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Wound healing refers to a living organism’s replacement of destroyed or damaged tissue by newly produced tissue.In undamaged skin, the epidermis (surface, epithelial layer) and dermis (deeper, connective layer) form a protective barrier against the external environment. When the barrier is broken, a regulated sequence of biochemical events is set into motion to repair the damage.

This process is divided into predictable phases: blood clotting (hemostasis), inflammation, tissue growth (cell proliferation), and tissue remodeling (maturation and cell differentiation). Blood clotting may be considered to be part of the inflammation stage instead of a separate stage.

“Even the endless sea has its shores, the shoreless is only human stupidity.”

Confucius Chinese teacher, politician & philosopher -551 - -479 BC. l.
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RECOVER scientists are examining the detrimental effects of oil on two ecologically and economically important species of fish in the Gulf of Mexico: mahi-mahi and red drum.


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The RECOVER consortium brings together the expertise and experience of marine biologists, aquatic toxicologists and geneticists from four research institutions.